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Jamaican wibe

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You got to love Jamaican wibe. You're stress is definitely gone with the sea breaze and beautiful views. And the local people help you to relax. There's no problems here, mon.
Beautiful country, nice people.

That is if you keep away from beaches and main streets in larger tourist towns. And even if you do, you'll still meet enough of local "entrepeneurs"... you'll find a hundred and one ways to say NO and it's still not enough. ;) You can buy anything from these guys... and they'll remind you that you should try everything... Because "You're in Jamaica, mon". :)

But still... me love Jamaican wibe!


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"Not today..."

"...may be tomorrow"

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Now who would've known that the best bus seats I've ever sat on can be found in Cuba. We took a Viazul bus from Havana to Vinales. Had I known the buses are so great, I would've given a second thought to taking a bus to Santiago de Cuba.

I'm glad we chose to go to Vinales though. The place is like paradise. Green valley full of fruit trees and tabacco farms and friendly people surrounded by mountains. It was great.

Cuba is very laid back. Perception of time can be a bit different from typical Scandinavian standard. Almost nothing starts at the time indicated on timetable. That's probably also why for so many questions/inquiries the answer was "Not today, may be tomorrow." It's a good thing we're on holiday. :)

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I have a good friend in...

Havana, Cuba

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As it turns out, Habana in Cuba is full of business people.
We're amazed and sometimes slightly irritated by people eager to talk to us.

They have seem to franchised the phrase familiar from mass tourism attraction (I don't consider this one of them):
- Hola Sir, where are you from?
- Finland
- Aaah, Finland.... Beautiful country, I have a very good friend in Helsinki
- (yeah, right, of course you do)
- Would you like to buy some cigars...? Very good price, just for you.


But in addition to there are people wanting you to take pictures of them (and give a little tolken of you apprechiation of course)... old ladies with huge cigars in their mouth (the classical Cuba photo)... who by the way never seem to light those cigars...
People selling local pesos for high prices... "just for souvenier madam". People wanting you to buy a mojito for them... 'cause they're so nice and you're so nice. People just begging for money.

Everyone's after your pesos in Havana.
But it's still a great place! :) We love it!

Where else do you see people doing salsa as they walk on the street?
...and despite all mentioned above, people here are very nice and friendly.


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